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paintbrush synthetic - cow hair

€9.00 Solden Spaar
Mercurius has found a brush that is truly a breakthrough in the field of synthetic brushes which can be perfectly used for veiling, watercolouring and wet-on-wet painting. This brush is not only equal to our natural brushes (polecat,cow and boar brushes), but even exceeds their capabilities in certain areas. The brushes are soft, flexible, resistant to deformation and the absorption and release capacity is amazingly high. These brushes are of a very high quality because of the amazing painting conditions, FSC certification and the fact that synthetic hair contributes to the sparing of animal hair.
We truly recommend this paintbrush for wet techniques but also for the use of dry paints, oil, acrylic and so on. Just like our natural brushes (which are suitable for wet techniques) this brush is also available in 2 different types, synthetic polecat hair and synthetic cow hair.Paintbrush Synthetic Cow Hair Short Grip for Kindergarten
It is often very hard for children to keep a long handle properly balanced in their small hands. With this in mind, we have included a special, short-handled brush in our range. The brush has soft bristles made of synthetic cow hair and a rust proof, closed ferrule and is finished with a white wax coating.